Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Driving Pet Peeves

1) I know the new California handsfree law is inconvenient. Fine if there are some late adopters, but talking on the cell while driving a stick shift while trying to turn right at a stoplight? You've got to be kidding. I almost lost my foot.

2) People who think that Mini Coopers are racecars because they saw the Italian Job and buy into the BMW propaganda. I have gear bigger than your rinky-dink car.

3) Don't know if they have them in your city, but here tourists can rent little motorized go-carts and listen to a gps oriented tourguide. These people drive around on major city streets at tire level with giant smiles on their faces completely unaware that most of the other drivers on the street would love to go Mariocart turtleshell on their @sses.

4) Flaggots. I support our troops too, but I don't need to put ten ribbons, an american flag and a bullet hole on my pickup to prove it.

5) Scooters. This ain't Europe.

6) The Mazda Miata

7) Bikes who don't follow signs, yet demand equal rights on the road.

8) Euro license plates on BMWs. See #5

9) Lamborghini's following the speed limit. Own it.

10) Those trucks loaded to the gills with stolen cardboard boxes for recycling. "Hey, I paid someone to do that!"


President Rozevelt said...

How come I'm not allowed to post?

Afternoon Stache said...

Any coug can post and are encouraged to do so. I've sent everyone an invitation to post at least twice. Accept it, and you will be good to go. Prez, I sent it to your hotmail, but will send one to your gmail as well.