Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cougar Cars

Was randomly trying to remember what everyone drove in college.   Nothing beat the Trofeo.


Sven L. said...

here's a shot:

sven: gallant. terrible, terrible upholstery.
roz: discovery->defender. pig carcass in the latter.
kauns: cherokee->pathfinder? never more than 2 gallons of gas in either
head: wrangler->soccer mom cherokee. wrangler was both the coolest and least enjoyable car.
gutter: old as hell accord
expandor: cherokee (missing cargo rag)
sheli: saab. of course.
clarence: civic. smelled like patchouli.
naughty dog: some SUV with legroom for long legs
bob eff: old school oldsmobile station wagon. so old.
fberg: cherokee?
management: some little beat-up old car which we never drove in cause we didn't fit.
snydley: started out w/ an oldsmobile i think

did wease have a car?

what the hell did rhino drive?

Afternoon Stache said...

Oh yes, my little beat-up Mazda 323 with furry seat covers. So tight. So tight the wheel fell off on the Jersey Turnpike and I ended up living with Flek for a week. So tight the muffler fell off as I was leaving senior year so I picked it up, threw it in the trunk, and drove 7 hrs home. My dad sold it a few months later with the muffler still rattling in the boot.

Afternoon Stache said...

May I ask a question? It seems that the ONLY people who check this blog and actually write on it are Branch, Roz and my husband. Oh, and me. More participation is needed.

Niki said...

Oops, that was me who left the comment above, not Ross. I accidentally left it while the computer was signed into his account. Are you sure Bob F didn't drive a Lincoln Towncar or Caddy? It's much more his style.