Sunday, September 28, 2008

Señor Tadpole - A Double-Feature for Streaming

I've been asked to provide content to cougsdotorg. So here goes. I'll try to think up someone other stuff to add to this, but in the meantime I'll just take this opportunity to try to get the ball rolling (and do a little self-promotion). As such, I've posted a couple of Señor Tadpole shows for streaming. Czech it out...

Gary's Place - March 29, 2008

A house party at Gary's spacious loft, marking Willie's last night about town in Manhattan before shipping to Wyoming. Some tunes from the core ST repertoire, a few crowd pleasers and a few esoteric covers. And if you listen closely, you can catch an open mic gaffe from Kauns at the start of Bertha, as he compares Sven's song selection to a certain National Socialist party.

1. Hammer Hit the Nail
2. Brand New Face
3. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (Neil Young)
4. Andalucia
5. Laid (James)
6. The Bulldog
7. I Predict a Riot (Kaiser Chiefs)
8. Am Light-> Jam
9. Bertha (Grateful Dead)
10. Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones)

Stream Gary's Place

Arlene's Grocery - September 13, 2008

The first ST show of the post-Will era. This set includes Jory on guitar in his band debut, and guest appearances from Ethan K. on the keys, our friend Mags signing a few songs and Roz making himself heard from the audience. A few tasty covers, a few new ST rockers and some more of the core ST songbook.

1. Running in Circles
2. The Sleeping Giant
3. One Percent
4. Am Light -> I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry)
5. Echo
6. The Bulldog
7. Alladin
8. Flagpole Sitta (Harvey Danger)

Stream Arlene's Grocery

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